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La Bruja

"la bruja" (the witch) was what my mom called me once she realized my intuition was super strong & my practices reminded her of the dominican republic. ever since then, that's how i identify myself. anyone can identify as a bruja/brujo because we all have our own unique power. stand on that shit. to me, it's being empowered, sacred, and divine. it's following your silver lining. it's visualizing your dreams until it manifests right before your eyes. right now you're currently on one of my greatest manifestations. my website.

i've been creating since i was a little girl. my introverted ass finally wanna step out my shell to share that with the whole world. my art pieces are all created with love, care, and magic. if you feel any connection to it, send some love. <3


"i create from my subconscious"

                    - la bruja.